Knick Knacks

Dont for get to Order your dinner for The holidays. Get your Jerk Fried Turkey Now by Just calling and odering. ....And dont for get your sides. Dinnners start at just $15 pp..





Fried Fish


Fish Sandwich $5

fried fish w/ FF $7  w/  2 of any side -$11

shrimp w/ FF- $9 add 2 sides $13

Fried Fish and shrimp basket w/FF  add 2 sides $18

New Steamed fish choice of salmon, tilapia , or red snapper w/ two sides $ 16 add shrimp for $3 more

Buffalo wings $5 / Fries $7

steamed sEAFOOD choice of mild or spicy


CRAB LEGS steamed seasoned crab legs served with drawn butter $20.00 add a cliuster for $10

Lobster tails $8

Dozen Clams seasoned and steamed or raw - $12

Dozen mussels seasoned steamed - $8 

Steam seasoned shrimp per 1  lb $ 12 (depending on size)

Blue craw crabs  by the dozen (seasonly priced)

Jerk chicken(sm) $6 (lg) $10 


Seafood  Rice sm $5 lg $10

Seasoned French Fries $2

Corn on the Cob $2

Mac and Cheese $5 sm lg $10

Collard greens $5 sm lg $10 


can soda -pepsi,sprite,ginger ale, coke $1


all dinners come with two sides for $10.00

Your choice of


Chicken choice of BBQ, Jerk, or Baked* Fish choice of fried, steamed*Ribs 

Mac N Chesse

seaseoned french fries

corne on the cob

seasoned potatoes

call for our specials 

For Sharing


Straight from the HOT POT order it hot or mild all Seaseoned to the fullest

Double TROUBLE- Two 4oz lobster tail , 1lb snow crab legs, 1/2 lb steamed shrimp, dozen clams comes w/ 2 small sides of your choice $100

Double Date- Four 4 oz lobster tails , 1lb1/2 crab legs, 1lb steamed shrimp,dozen and half clams-$155 comes with 3 sm sides of your choice

Get your Own- Eight 4 oz lobster tails  , 2 1/2 lb crablegs, 2 lbs steamed shrimp, 2 dozen clams- $225 comes with 4 sm sides of your choice

TRY our New Seafood Bowls

KK Seapotsteamed shrimp,  mussels or clams corn on the cob & potatoes, w/ sausage $35 (add Lobster tail $45)

BK-Bowl—(Dozen or Half Dozen clams or mussels, corn and  potatoes $25

Crole Bowl- steamed shrimp, clams, mussels, crawfish, blue claw crab, red potato, corn and sausage $45 add a lobster tail for an added treat$55

 Crawdad bowl- steamed and seasoned crawfish, red potatoes, corn, sausage clams or mussels- $35


 homeade 16 oz - peppermint  ice tea , lemonade-$1.50


Dont Forget to ask about our Desserts


Catering available for all occasions

hours of operation are

Fri 5-11 p.m., Sat  5-11 pm call us @ 347-933-0558

Minimum delivery $30

Prices are subject to change