Pop-up Crab Fest
One of Our Premier Events....

The Original Brooklyn Crab Fest

Crab Fest are traditionally hosted by tourist companies who provide bus excursions to the Maryland Harbor for people to indulge in all you can eat crabs, seafood appetizers and select beer and wines. Bringing this event to Brooklyn would mean residents wouldn’t have to leave NY for this amazing food experience.


We are looking for a host who has a great location and selected craft beer that attendees can choose from. We feel like this would be the perfect partnership, as we’ve seen an increase in partnerships between “pop up” restaurants with beer halls. This event will include all you can eat fresh Maryland Blue Crabs, Our Knick Knacks Special Corn on the Cobb with a side of a Cajun seafood boil


Knick Knacks BK  CATERING INC a restaurant turned catering company with a niche for seafood. We’ve been serving Brooklyn for the past 5 years first through our pop up restaurants and catering events in which, we focus on creating an ambiance connected to our various dishes.

We see that YOUR bar currently has BEER SPEC which is an amazing addition to what really speaks to the diverse Brooklyn food culture.